Prof.Dr. Hasan ÇELİK


☛ Born in Köyceğiz/Çavuşlar village of Eskipazar/Karabük in 1949.

☛ Completed his primary, secondary and highschool education in Karabük.

Prof. Dr. Hasan ÇELİK

☛ Graduated from the Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara as the first graduates of five-year bachelor program with the first rank in the department in 1972.

☛ Assigned as an assistant at the same department in 1973, then received his PhD degree in 1978, became lecturer in 1982, associated professor in 1983, and full professor in 1988.

☛ Supervised 25 MSc thesis and 5 PhD thesis.

☛ Published three books (Genel Bağcılık “General Viticulture” in Tr., Genel Bahçe Bitkileri “General Horticulture” in Tr., Üzüm Çeşit Kataloğu “Grape Cultivar Catalog” in Tr. and En), 141 articles, proceedings, reviews and reports (30 of these are in English).

☛ Performed the research projects, demonstrative training and extension studies, gave lectures, courses, conferences and seminars, assigned in the organizations or scientific committees of scientific meetings, participated in panels, festivals, fairs and exhibitions in different regions/locations of Türkiye to develop viticulture and grapevine nursery sectors.

☛ During his 38 professional foreign visits to 14 countries, presented scientific papers, performed scientific/technical researches and investigations, assigned as FAO expert in Tanzania.

☛ Gave courses as invited lecturer at Tokat Agricultural Faculty of Sivas Cumhuriyet University between 1984-1987.

☛ Coordinated and consulted to the projects of private sector (Sunfidan A.Ş./Salihli-Manisa, Likya/Elmalı-Antalya, Kalevak/Kalecik-Ankara, Doluca/İstanbul, Sanset-Vinero/Eceabat-Çanakkkale, Fidan A.Ş./Ankara) between 1993-2018.

☛ Represented assistants of his faculty in executive committee in 1978-79, performed vice-directorate (1983-1989), and directorate (1995-1998) of the Department of Horticulture, and membership of the faculty council.

☛ Retired in July 2010 after 37 years of his academic life.

☛ Awarded by the Chamber of Turkish Agricultural Engineers in 2015.

☛ Officiated as a member of academic staff at the European University of Lefke, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technologies in TRNC between 2017-2021.

☛ Married to Menşure Çelik who is Emeritus Professor of Pomology at the same department, and has a daughter (Ceren Çelik) who is working as an academician at Ankara University.

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