Area of Expertise
Department: Horticulture
Discipline: Grapevine Growing and Breeding
Area of Expertise:
  • Propagation Techniques
    • Production of Propagating Materials in Basic Category
    • Production of Certified Grapevines
    • Production of Virus-Free Certified Grapevines
    • In Vitro Clonal-Micro Propagation
  • Grapevine Growing Techniques
    • Establishing Modern Vineyards (Project & Consultancy)
    • Training Systems
    • Pruning Systems for Young and Mature Vines
    • Canopy Management (Winter and Summer Pruning)
    • Irrigation/Fertilization/Pest-Disease Management
    • Treatment to Improve Crop Quality
    • Specific Growing Techniques for Table Grapes
  • Grapevine Physiology
  • Flower and Pollination Physiology
  • Grapevine Breeding (Clone Selection)
  • Morphological (Ampelographic) Description
  • Molecular Description