Vocational Training and Extension Activities
  • Scientific and technical research, investigation, survey like activities
  • Conference, seminar, panel, festival, competition, meeting commune activities
  • Vocational applied training extension and consultancy activities on establishing the modern vineyards using grafted vines, training the young  vines, installing the support systems, dormant and summer prunings; plant protection, nutrition, irrigation
  • Vocational applied training on rehabilitation of local traditional vineyards for better growth, yield and quality



Activities on Scientific and Technical Meeting Organization Contributions to national scientific and technical congresses "Horticultural Congresses, Technical Congresses of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers", and symposia "Viticulture and Enology Symposia, Nursery Symposia" organized since 1981, as head or member of organizing and scientific committees.


Other Activities
  • Gave undergraduate courses as invited lecturer at Tokat Agricultural Faculty of Cumhuriyet University (1984-1987)
  • Membership of Agriculture Expert Committee in Turkish Standard Association (1989-1991)
  • Jury Membership for Science, Career and Incentive Awards of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers
  • Contributions to the activities of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as working groups, committees, comissions or workshops concerning legislative studies on viticulture, propagating materials ‘’registration, production, certification’’; R&D strategies, evaluation of research projects and proposals, registration of new varieties as representative of the university, faculty or department
  • Jury membership for all categories of academic advances and appointments
  • Membership of Evaluation Committee for Scientific Research Projects in Ankara University
  • Inspector for matriculation on behalf ÖSYM in 16 different provinces
  • TÜRKTOB Magazine Editorial Board Membership (2012-2019)
  • Instructor and Member of Senate at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies in European University of Lefke-TRNC
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal “Magarach” Viticulture and Winemaking (Yalta/Crimea) (Starting: 2019)
  • ZİDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Agricultural Engineering Educational Programs) Member of Advisory Board (2019-2021)


  • Meritorious Service Award by Chamber of Turkish Agricultural Engineers (2015)