Abroad Visit
Israel 1979/30 days Vocational Visits
Israel 1980-1981/6 months Post-Doc Studies
Italy 1985/10 days 4th International Symposium on Grape Breeding/Verona
T.R.N.C. 1986/ 7 days Vine and Wine Symposium/Nicosia
U.S.A. 1987/ 40 days Vocational Visit/Washington, California
Germany 1989/ 10 days 5th Inter Symposium on Grape Breeding/Landau
Tanzania 1990/ 15 days Consultancy on Viticulture as FAO Expert/Dodoma
France 1993/ 15 days EUREKA EU 679 VITIS Project/Montpellier
Germany 1994/ 10 days EUREKA EU 679 VITIS Project/Düsseldorf
Ukraine/Crimea 1994/ 7 days 6th International Symposium on Grape Breeding/Yalta
France 1995/ 8 days EUREKA EU 679 VITIS Project/Montpellier
Greece 1997/15 days Vocational Visit/Thessaloniki
Germany 1998/ 7 days INTERVITIS’98 Fair Visit/Stuttgart
S.Africa 2000/8 days Vocational Visit/Stellenbosch
Germany 2000/ 6 days Gafa Köln Fair Visit/Cologne
Chile 2000/12 days 4th International Table Grape Symposium/La Serena
Hungary 2002/8 days 8th International Conference on Grape Genetics and Breeding/Kecskemet
France 2003/5 days Nursery Visits/Lyon, Orange, Montpellier, Bordeaux
Italy 2003/3 days Nursery Visits/Toscany, Conegliano
Switzerland 2004/8 days Vocational Visit/Lausanne,Montreux, Neuchatel
France 2005/6 days Vocational Visit/Bordeaux
France 2005/4 days SITEVI’05 Fair Visit/Montpellier
Italy 2006/6 days 9th International Conference on Grape Genetics and Breeding/Udine
France 2007/8 days Vocational Visit/Bordeaux, Reims
France 2007/3 days STEVI’07 Fair Visit/Montpellier
France 2007/5 days Nursery Visits/Provence, Montpellier,Toulouse
Australia 2008/14 days 8th International Symposium on Grape Physiology and Biotechnology/Adelaide
France 2009/3 days STEVI’09 Fair Visit/Montpellier
U.S.A. 2010/10 days 10th International Conference on Grape Breeding and Genetics/Geneva
France 2010/4 days VINITECH’10 Fair Visit/Bordeaux
France 2010/6 days Two Vocational Visits/Bordeaux
Germany 2011/4 days 21th International Rebenveredlertagung/Geisenheim
France 2011/3 days STEVI’11 Fair Visit/Montpellier
T.R.N.C. 2012/ 5 days Consultancy on Viticulture/Lefke European University
T.R.N.C. 2013/5 days Consultancy on Viticulture/Lefke European University
France 2014/ 5 days VINITECH-SIFEL Visit/Bordeaux